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Physical therapy for Hemiplegia patients ( Never give up ! )

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We descrip at the last post the First step after Hemiplegia  but now we going to show you the physical therapy treatment for Hemiplegia patients but you should  need tow important things, first: the patient must always be in contact with his\her Physical therapist, second : patient must work hard with physical therapist and "Never give up"

A- Tissues stretching exercise
You may feel little pain during tissues stretching. but never mind its normal sign phsical therapist will not give patients more than his\her endurance, after several sessions and gradually you and physical therapist will feel the treatment effects on your body just  "Never give up"

soft Tissues stretching exercise

B- Balance exercise 
Physical therapy will ask you to touch something that he\she hold it from different places Physical therapy will start with you in sitting position then in standing position. first it will be little difficult but after training it will become easier "Never give up"

Balance exercise for hemiplegia

Balance exercise for hemiplegia

C- Coordination exercise
its some exercises you have to do like touch the knee with your effected heel, touch your nose with your finger and touch the finger of the therapist with his finger those exercise will help to improve coordination "Never give up"

Coordination exercise for hemiplegia

The Assistive Device

D- The Assistive Device :
With Physical therapy you will know how to use the assistive device in correct way for example you may need : Walker, Walking Stick, Axillary crutch, Elbow crutch, Splints etc... "Never give up"

E- Gait training:
Circumduction gait
Circumduction gait is the way that a hemiplegic patient walks. this is an incorrect way for walk.Gait training must start depend on this steps: firstly try to stand with your physical therapist or with using assistive device, after your physical therapist feels that you ready for independently stand he/she will ask you to start the second step try to stand independently ! after that try to walk with with your physical therapist or with using assistive device and then day after day you will feel the difference and "Never give up"

F- Sensation exercise
1- Superficial sensation:
Physical therapist will use two pencils and ask you to close your eyes, 
Phyiscal therapist will apply smooth press with both pencils on your skin and ask you .. Did you feel something ? how many pencils tought your skin ? and physical therapist will change pencils place each time and you try to answer his\her questions 

2- Deep sensation:
Physical therapist will ask you to close your eyes and give you small two or more things that have different shapes and ask you what you holds on your hands ?

3- Position sensation:
Physical therapist will ask you to close your eyes again and make small flexion or extension on your toe on the affected side the ask you what your toes position ?
"Never give up"

Note : all treatment plans will help you to gradually improve and you will see that by your own eyes this is not a work of several days but this may take weeks or months with hard working to feel the difference So pleases "Never give up"

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  3. Vry good explain.
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  4. 12 years stroke (hemiplegia) survivor.
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